Rent Out Cameras and other Electronics for Passive Income

Peter Hatcher
3 min readJan 12, 2024

Renting out your unused electronics is an easy way to earn extra passive income each month. Long-time, trusted platforms like ShareGrid make the process simple by connecting you with renters.

In this post, I’ll provide tips on how to maximize your rental income by listing gear on ShareGrid and similar rental marketplaces.

Choose Equipment to Rent Out

The first step is selecting electronics and gear to rent out. Good options include:

  • Camera equipment — DSLR & mirrorless cameras, lenses, stabilizers, drones, etc.
  • Audio gear — Wireless kits, microphones, mixers, speakers, etc.
  • Lighting kits — LED panels, soft boxes, gels, stands, modifiers, etc.
  • Laptops & tablets — MacBooks, iPads, Surface devices
  • Gaming consoles — PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, VR headsets
  • Music equipment — PA systems, amps, instruments, MIDI gear

Stick to items in good working condition — renters expect well-maintained gear. Items under 5 years old rent best.

Pricing Your Listings

Set competitive rental rates by researching comparable listings on the platform. Price based on:



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